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My Approach

Personalized Care and Guidance For Your Child


All children and teens as well as their families are meticulously evaluated (social-emotional-psychological) by Dr. Feinberg in order to identify exactly where and why they are struggling as well as to determine what modalities of treatment are best indicated to assist them in resolving these problems.

A thorough evaluation is essential to a successful treatment outcome.

These evaluations consist of 6 appointments:

  • 1st appointment is for mother, father, and child of concern

  • Appointments 2 through 5 (4 total) are for your child

  • The 6th and last appointment is a parent feedback session.



Play therapy, pet assisted therapy (temporarily unavailable as Grit, therapy dog to be, is still pursuing her education), and/or talking therapy depending upon the age of the child or teen and their presenting problems. Specific treatment goals are based upon parental report, teacher report, as well as Dr. Feinberg's evaluation.


Appointments typically occur on a weekly basis in order to create optimal continuity as well as intensity essential for lasting change. Children and teens who are in crisis are sometimes seen on a more frequent basis. Treatment goals are reviewed with parents at 3 month intervals.

Boy Coloring


Dr. Feinberg only refers to other professionals who both excel in their respective fields and are also willing to collaborate. Children and teens benefit tremendously from a "team approach", where all parties involved in their care communicate and are on the same page.

Types of referrals provided:

  • Children/teens with probable fine and/or gross motor deficits are referred to occupational therapists.

  • Children/teens with suspected speech and/or language problems are referred to speech & language therapists.

  • Children with suspected learning disabilities/processing deficits are referred to certified psychological examiners and/or psychologists who specialize in testing or cognitive-intellectual evaluations.

  • Children/teens in need of a higher level of care including medication, day treatment, and hospitalization are referred to board certified child psychiatrists.

  • Parents struggling with marital issues, parenting practices, etc. are referred to other specialized mental health professionals.

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