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Therapy Dogs

Dr. Feinberg's Past and Current Co-Therapists

Therapy Dogs: Text

Dr. G

Dr. Feinberg's First Therapy Dog

Dr. G was our practice's first therapy dog. He was also the first therapy dog used by a mental health professional in the St. Louis area. He was a loving and gentle soul who guided and comforted many children and teens over the years. Due to the tremendous impact Dr. G had on kids, Dr. Feinberg will only practice with canine co-therapists because dogs and kids are like PB&J- they belong together!



Dr. Feinberg's 2nd Therapy Dog

Dude was born in Southern California. He was a long haired German Shepherd who comforted kids and teens in need by gently snuggling against them.



Dr. Feinberg's 3rd Therapy Dog

(Currently Retired)

In June 2011, Dr. Feinberg flew to Seattle, Washington to get Grace. Because the airlines could not guarantee that Grace would fly back in the passenger compartment, Dr. Feinberg rented a car. Three days and 2000 miles later, Grace arrived at her new home in St. Louis!



Soon to be Dr. Feinberg's 4th Therapy Dog

In Training!

Grit is an incredibly smart, loving, and sensitive soul who is in training to be Dr. Feinberg’s next rockstar in the office.

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